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Chornomorsk ramps up export of sunflower oil by 33%


In the season of 2016/17, Ukraine exported 5.6 million tons of sunflower oil, including 5.2 million tons in bulk. The port of Chornomorsk shipped 31% of total exports or 1.6 million tonnes. Compared to the season 2015/16, the port of Chornomorsk increased the transshipment by 396 thousand tons.

Chornomorsk is the leader in shipments to China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Iraq. In shipments to India, Chernomorsk takes the second place, slightly behind the port of Nikolaev.

The main advantages of the port of Chernomorsk:

  • optimal deep water for handling tankers with a DWT of up to 50 000 mt
  • big capacities of one-time storage of 251 000 m3
  • fruitful location of the port to the oil crush plants located in the western and central parts of Ukraine.